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  • PyReshaper

    The PyReshaper is a tool for converting time-slice (or history-file or synoptically) formatted NetCDF files into time-series (or single-field) format.
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  • Geoscience Community Analysis Toolkit

    The Geoscience Community Analysis Toolkit (GeoCAT) is a collection of open source Python tools for manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing geosciences data, such as those...
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  • PyConform

    The PyConform package is a Python-based package for converting model time-series data into MIP-conforming (i.e., standardized) time-series data.
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  • CESM Postprocessing

    The CESM python post processing repository code integrates light-weight parallel python tools developed by the NCAR CISL ASAP group and diagnostics plotting packages developed...
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  • WRF-Chem Tools for the Community

    NCAR has developed two chemical options in WRF-Chem (MOZART trace gases with GOCART aerosol scheme, and MOZART trace gases with MOSAIC aerosol scheme). Information on these...
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