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  • SPEC Learjet Instrument Data

    State and Cloud microphysics data collected on board the SPEC Learjet 35 during the ESCAPE (Experiment of Sea Breeze Convection, Aerosols, Precipitation, and Environment) field...
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  • University of Cocody RegCM Without Aerosol Forcing

    There are several types of data files, with corresponding *.ctl files. All files except OUT_HEAD are monthly, from May 15 through September for each year. ATM files are...
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  • SPEC NSF/NCAR GV Instrument Data

    Cloud microphysics data collected on board the NSF/NCAR GV during the Secondary Production of Ice in Cumulus Experiment (SPICULE) campaign from 29 May through 25 June 2021. This...
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  • Optical Ice Detector Cloud Phase and Water Content Data [Collins Aerospace Inc.]

    This data set includes the measurements acquired from the Collins Aerospace Optical Ice Detector (OID) during the High Ice Water Content (HIWC) Radar Study flight campaign. The...
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  • NCAR HSRL lidar data, NetCDF

    High Spectral Resolution Lidar (HSRL) data collected aboard the NSF/NCAR GV HIAPER (Gulfstream-V High-performance Instrumented Airborne Platform for Environmental Research)...
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