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  • CLM5 Sensitivity Analyses

    These data are the results of sensitivities with the Community Land Model (version 5, CLM5) under conditions of elevated carbon dioxide, nitrogen deposition, and present day...
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  • GEM and TEM Model Simulations for Toolik Lake

    This dataset contains the model output data of GEM and TEM simulations from 1920 to 2100 for Toolik Lake, Alaska. This dataset is available offline as a CD.
  • Toolik Mineral Nutrition [Welker]

    This dataset contains Toolik Mineral Nutrition Data. These data represent long-term (1994-2001) carbon and nitrogen dynamics of leaves of dominant arctic plant species in dry...
  • Alexandra Fiord - Plant Nutrient Data [Welker, J., J. Fahnestock]

    This dataset contains growing season (2000) carbon and nitrogen dynamics of leaves of dominant high arctic plant species in dry, mesic, and wet tundra ecosystems at Alexandra...