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  • NCAR GV NCAR/EOL Dropsonde Profile Data

    T-REX marks the first project where AVAPS Dropsondes were deployed from NCAR's newest aircraft. Data are checked for quality control and provided in EOL ASCII file format.
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  • Miscellaneous Upper Air Data

    This dataset includes miscellaneous upper air data during Phases I, II, and III of the Global Atmospheric Research Program's (GARP) Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE)....
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  • GLASS Sounding Data Humidity Corrections [Miller, E.]

    This is a link to EOL documentation on SHEBA GLASS Sounding Data Correction. This webpage contains a collection of pdf files written by Eric Miller of NCAR describing studies he...
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  • Tethered Balloon Data

    This dataset includes microfilm of tethered balloon data from US ships (Researcher, Oceanographer, Dallas) for Phases II and III of the Global Atmospheric Research Program's...
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  • GTS Mandatory/Significant Level Sounding Data (ESC Format)

    This data set contains the quality controlled GTS radiosonde data from sites in the southeastern United States, the Mexican Gulf Coast, and Caribbean for which high vertical...
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  • TOGA COARE Wind Profiler Browse (ISS and other) GIFs

    This dataset contains GIF image files containing daily timeseries plots of winds from six NCAR Integrated Sounding System (ISS) sites. Wind data from 3 additional sites using...
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