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  • NOAA 14, 15 Level 1b Data Files

    This dataset contains polar-orbiter passes of the midwest US region by NOAA 14 and 15 satellites. This data was collected by Marv Wesley and his group at Argonne National...
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  • Miscellaneous Data

    This dataset includes miscellaneous data during Phases I, II, and III of the Global Atmospheric Research Program's (GARP) Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE). Title,...
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  • Synchronous Meteorological Satellite

    This dataset includes microfilm and 16 mm film of satellite footage for Inter Phases as well as Phases I, II, and III. Phase is noted in the "Description" section on...
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  • Satellite AVHRR Overpass data (Terascan Format) [Stamnes, K., H. Eide]

    During the SHEBA deployment all Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) satellite overpasses of the CCGS Des Groseilliers were archived to 4mm DDS2 tape. This data was...
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  • Ice Camp (PRELIMINARY) Radiometer Intercomparison [Fairall]

    A preliminary analysis has been done by Chris Fairall using longwave radiometer data from the SHEBA project office and the flux group (P. Guest). This analysis which contains an...
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  • CV-990 Aircraft Data

    This dataset includes microfilm of aircraft data for the CV-990 aircraft during Phases I, II, and III during the Global Atmospheric Research Program's (GARP) Atlantic...
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