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  • Monthly Time Series Radiosondes, 1948 and continuing

    A collection of monthly time series upper air soundings, derived by DSS from the collections of daily soundings in ds390.0 [https://rda.ucar.edu/datasets/ds390.0/] and ds390.1....
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  • MADIS Maritime GTS Data

    This data set contains martime meteorological and sea state observations transmitted in real time to the GTS from ships and buoys throughout the world. The temporal resolution...
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  • Buoy 32302 (18.0S 85.1W) Meteorological Data

    This data set contains moored buoy data from station 32302 located at 18.0S Latitude and 85.1W Longitude covering the time period from Feb 01,1986 thru Apr 03,1995. The data was...
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  • Shell Oil Platform Meteorological Data

    This data set contains hourly resolution surface meteorological and oceanographic data from the Shell Oil (http://www.shell.com) Platform weather stations. These data were...
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  • Global GTS Ship and Buoy Observation Data

    This data set contains global GTS observations from ships and buoys. The data are in the ASCII ship weather report format (BBXX). The data are in hourly data files during the...
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  • National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) data

    This data set contains 1-hour resolution surface meteorological data from the National Data Bouy Center (NDBC) stations located across the Great Lakes. This data set covers the...
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