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  • PMS-2D Two-dimensional Cloud Probe data [NCAR/EOL]

    This dataset contains raw (binary "filmstrip" imagery) files of PMS-2D data collected by the G-V during PACDEX. Summary data have been merged with the "NCAR GV...
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  • NASA DC-8 Aerosol Data

    This data set contains size-binned aerosol concentrations and other particle parameters derived from the 2D Grey 40 micron probe that was on-board the NASA DC-8 aircraft that...
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  • NOAA P-3 PMS Probe Data

    Hydrometeor size distributions from the PMS 2D-C and 2D-P probes that were onboard the NOAA P-3 during the TOGA-COARE deployment.
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  • Navigation, State Parameter, and Microphysics HRT Data in NetCDF format

    This data set includes airborne measurements obtained from the NCAR Research Aviation Facility (RAF) Electra aircraft (Tail Number N308D) during the Tropical Ocean Global...
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