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  • NCDC DATSAV Surface "Specials" Data in QC Format

    The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) DATSAV3 Surface "specials" data in QC format is one of several surface datasets provided in the GEWEX Continental-Scale...
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  • LBA: Manaus Surface Meteorology and Radiation Data Set

    This data set contains the Coordinated Energy and Water Cycle Observation Project (CEOP) Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA) Manaus Surface Meteorology...
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  • USDA/NRCS Soil Climate Analysis Network (SCAN)

    This dataset contains the USDA/NRCS Soil Climate Analysis System (formerly the Soil Moisture/Soil Temperature) Network data. Data are available only from those states within the...
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  • Toolik Daily Average Weather Data [Shaver, G.]

    This data set contains daily weather data from the Arctic Tundra Long Term Ecological Research Program (LTER) site at Toolik Lake. Included are daily averages and/or maximums...
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  • ETA 218 Model Output

    This dataset contains full grid ETA 218 model data collected during the Cumulus Photogrammetric, In-Situ and Doppler Observations (CuPIDO) project.
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  • Texas Tech University Sticknet Mass Test Data

    This dataset includes the Mobile Sticknet Mass Test Data collected during the two VORTEX2 field phases (i.e., 10 May 2009 to 13 June 2009 and 1 May 2010 to 15 June 2010). The...
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  • Mesoscale Model 5 (MM5) Output

    This dataset contains output from the National Center for Atmospheric Research/Penn State University Mesoscale Model 5 (NCAR/PSU MM5). The data are for the NAME Model Assessment...
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  • USDA/NRCS Soil Moisture/Soil Temperature Data

    This dataset contains the USDA/NRCS Soil Moisture/Soil Temperature Network data. Data are available only from those states within the GCIP/EOP region. These data are provided as...
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