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  • STAR MODIS Cloud Satellite Dataset

    The changing climate represents one of the most important ecological issues concerning our planet. Changes in atmospheric trace gases, cloud over, cloud type, solar radiation,...
  • NRL Tropical Storm Satellite KML Data

    This data set contains Google Earth KML files that contain polar orbiting satellite imagery for the systems that ITOP flew (ITOP07, ITOP10 (Kompasu), ITOP14 (Malau), ITOP20...
  • TERRA AOD Satellite Imagery

    This data set contains png images from the TERRA Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) satellite for the Ice in Clouds Experiment - Tropical (ICE-T) study area and time of interest.
  • North American Tundra NEE modeled from MODIS data

    This data set provides growing season Net Ecosystem CO2 exchange (NEE) between tundra ecosystems and the atmosphere for North America. Data are produced over the growing season...