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  • R/V Vickers and Christmas Island Frostpoint/Ozone Soundings

    This dataset contains the 10-sec high resolution Frostpoint and Ozone sounding data taken aboard the R/V Vickers and Christmas Island by NOAA/CMDL during CEPEX. This dataset...
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  • Aerodyne AML-MOBILE Data

    Aerodyne Mobile Laboratory Measurements of Atmospheric Composition during the WE-CAN/FIREX (Western Wildfire Experiment for Cloud Chemistry, Aerosol, Absorption and Nitrogen)...
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  • UWEC Chemistry UAS Ozone (O3) Data

    This dataset contains the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire's Chemistry Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Ozone (O3) data from the Chequamegon Heterogeneous Ecosystem...
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  • MEPA surface data

    This dataset contains the Saudi Meteorological and Environmental Protection Administration (MEPA) surface data. Files are in ASCII format. The first 3 letters in each filename...
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