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  • FASTEX soundings from ASAP ship Douce France

    This dataset consists of sounding data from the French ASAP ship the Douce France. Soundings were taken two times per day (00 and 12 UTC) while the ship was within the FASTEX...
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  • TOGA COARE soundings from Ambon

    This dataset consists of sounding data from Ambon Island in Indonesia (WMO 97724). Soundings were taken twice per day (00 and 06 UTC) during the IOP, however the 06 UTC release...
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  • Diego Garcia Rawinsonde Mandatory/Significant Level Profiles

    This data set contains the Diego Garcia Rawinsonde Profiles. No additional quality control was performed by UCAR/JOSS.
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  • CLIMODE QC Radiosonde Data

    The CLIvar MOde Water Dynamic Experiment (CLIMODE) was a project designed to study the dynamics of ‘Eighteen Degree Water’ (EDW); the subtropical mode water of the...
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  • NWS High-Resolution Radiosonde Data

    This is one of the upper air sounding data sets developed for the GEWEX Continental-Scale International Project (GCIP) Large Scale Area - North West (LSA-NW) Enhanced Annual...
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  • FASTEX soundings from Trappes (France)

    This dataset consists of sounding data from Trappes in France (WMO 07145) which was operated by Meteo-France. Soundings were taken four times per day (00, 06, 12, and 18 UTC)...
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  • Multi-Network Composite Highest Resolution Upper Air Data [NCAR/EOL]

    This data set contains a composite of the highest resolution (i.e. the "native" resolution) upper air sounding data from all sources for the Southeast Atmosphere Study...
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