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  • CESM2 SMOOTH experiments

    The Arctic is undergoing a pronounced and rapid transformation in response to changing greenhouse gasses, including reduction in sea ice extent and thickness. There are also...
  • The East African Great Lake Environments (EAGLE) Climate Downscaling Dataset

    The East African Great Lake Environments (EAGLE) climate downscaling dataset was created to provide a high-resolution depiction of present and future climate scenarios in the...
  • Kalamazoo ICICLE Ground Suite

    This dataset contains ground-based measurements collected from the Kalamazoo ICICLE Ground Suite during the ICICLE (In-Cloud ICing and Large-drop Experiment) field campaign from...
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  • NOAA/NCEP NAM Model Forecast Sounding Imagery

    This data set contains forecast skew-t image products from the NOAA/NCEP NAM model for the following locations: Davenport IA, Green Bay WI, Huron SD, Lincoln IL, Monett MO,...
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  • MADIS Maritime GTS Data

    This data set contains martime meteorological and sea state observations transmitted in real time to the GTS from ships and buoys throughout the world. The temporal resolution...
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  • IMK 7.0 km COSMO Model Imagery on Domain 1 Using IFS Boundary Conditions

    This data set contains COSMO (Consortium for Small Scale Modeling) model forecast imagery from the 7.0 km resolution version of the model on domain 1 (flex1) and using the ECMWF...
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  • Model MRF 200mb analysis (GIF)

    This data set contains National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) MRF model data from IGES and is daily 0000 UTC 200mb analysis for the northern hemisphere including...
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  • NCAR/MMM WRF 12KM Model Forecast Imagery

    This dataset contains daily forecast imagery generated at 00Z from WRF 12KM grids. Forecast imagery exist every 3 hours from 0 to 120 hours.
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  • Global GTS Ship and Buoy Observations in GEMPAK format

    The GTS Ship and Buoy Observations Data set is one of several data sets collected by the University Corporation of Atmospheric Research/Joint Office for Science Support. These...
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  • Model 72 hour forecast sfc temps,winds, 500mb heights (GIF)

    This data set contains National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) 72 hour forecast of surface winds and temperature and 500mb heights for the SHEBA domain from SSEC at...
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  • Diego Garcia Surface Meteorological Observations

    This data set contains the Diego Garcia Meteorology Surface Observations. No additional quality control was performed by UCAR/JOSS.
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  • CAPS Ensemble 4KM Forecast Products

    This dataset includes CAPS Ensemble 4KM Forecast images from the 2010 VORTEX2 field catalog. Imagery files are available for the VORTEX2 field phase 2010, May 6 - June 16. The...
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  • GEM MOLTS Derived Soundings

    The SGP99 GEM MOLTS Derived Soundings data set contains AES/CMC GEM Model Location Time Series (MOLTS) derived soundings from up to 255 locations over North America. These...
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  • NCAR 12 km WRF Model Forecast Imagery

    This data set contains NCAR_12km_WRF imagery from the NAME Field Catalog. The following imagery products are included: 300, 3HR_PRCP, 500, 700, 850, CNVXPRCP, SKEWT_KTUS,...
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  • Eta MOLTS Derived Soundings

    The GCIP/GIST Eta MOLTS Derived Soundings dataset contains NCEP Eta Model Location Time Series (MOLTS) derived soundings from 67 locations within the GIST domain (33- 40N and...
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  • Guam (PGUM) METAR Observations

    This data set includes the METAR surface meteorological observations from Guam (PGUM).
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  • UKMO Global Forecast Products Imagery

    This dataset contains jpg forecast model images from the United Kingdom Meteorological Office collected during the Ice in Clouds Experiment - Tropical (ICE-T) project time period.
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  • RSMAS UMCM NOGAPS Initial Condition Forecast Imagery

    This data set contains RSMAS UMCM model (using NOGAPS initial boundary conditions) forecast imagery over the Western Pacific Ocean. Products include 500mb height/RH, rain rate...
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  • LDM Surface METAR Hourly Data

    The Surface METAR Data set is one of several surface data sets collected by the National Center for Atmospheric Research/ Earth Observing Laboratory (NCAR/EOL). Included in the...
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  • NOAA/ESRL MADIS Mesonet Data

    This dataset contains data from the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory/Global Systems Division (ESRL/GSD) Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS). The data are...
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