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  • Miscellaneous Data

    This dataset includes miscellaneous data during Phases I, II, and III of the Global Atmospheric Research Program's (GARP) Atlantic Tropical Experiment (GATE). Title,...
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  • Kuparuk Basin Watershed Studies [Kane, D., L. Hinzman]

    This is an external link to a University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) Water and Environmental Research Center (WERC) website where Kuparuk Basin watershed studies data and...
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    This data consists of two tar files containing cmf text files of PAM station data from the BOReal Ecosystem Atmosphere Study (BOREAS). One file contains 1 minute data. The other...
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  • FSU Surface Meteorology Data

    This dataset collects all of the surface meteorological data from the TOGA COARE region into a single data set and passes those data through a common quality control procedure....
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  • Gridded ERA-40 Reanalysis Data for Western Arctic Linkage Experiment (WALE)

    This data set includes monthly-mean air temperature and precipitation data for areas in Alaska and northwestern Canada, between 55°N and 65°N, and 160°W and...
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  • NMC gridded model data

    This dataset contains gridded meteorological data collected for the 1992 STORM-FEST project. This data is from the National Meteorological Center (now NCEP). There are four file...
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  • Surface Time Series

    This dataset includes microfilm of time series surface data from B-Scale ships (Oceanographer, Vize, Vanguard, Quadra, Meteor, Researcher, Dallas, Gilliss, Bidassoa) for Phases...
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