BEST Synthesis: Integration and modeling of spatial-temporal variation in vital rates for euphausiids in eastern Bering Sea: Implications for demographics

This dataset includes all records on euphausiid measured lengths and their subsequent conversions to wet, dry, carbon and nitrogene weights. Measurements included in this dataset were derived from zooplankton samples collected with MOCNESS tows during five Bering Sea Ecosystem Study-Bering Sea Integrated Ecosystem Research Program (BEST-BSIERP) cruises in 2008-2010. BEST-BSIERP together are the Bering Sea project. The individual euphausiid total lengths (in mm) were measured with digitizing board and uploaded into a MS ACCESS database using customized software. All conversions were done using equations developed for the Bering Sea euphausiids and published by Harvey et al (2012). The following abbreviations are used in the database for euphausiid species:

  • EPA - Euphausia pacifica

  • TRA - Thysanoessa raschii

  • TIN - T. inermis

  • TLO - T. longipes

  • TSP - T. spinifera ​The following abbreviations are used for cruise designations:

  • hl802 - USCGC Healy, cruise HLY0802

  • hl803 - USCGC Healy, cruise HLY0803

  • hl902 - USCGC Healy, cruise HLY0902

  • kn903 - RV Knorr, cruise KN195-10

  • tn249 - RV Thomas G. Thompson, cruise TN249 These data are available as an MS Access database and zip files containing each table in the database exported to a spreadsheet. The spreadsheets are available in MS Excel or Comma Separated Values (CSV). The database consists of 25 euphausiid data tables for each cruise and species, with table names being combinations of cruise and species abbreviations (e.g. kn903_TRA), and 5 header tables comprising information on sampling (tow) numbers, station names and geographical positions. The header and data tables are linked with "TowNo" field.

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  • Begin:  2008-04-01T00:00:00Z
    End:  2010-06-11T23:59:59Z


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Suggested Citation Alexei I. Pinchuk. (2016). BEST Synthesis: Integration and modeling of spatial-temporal variation in vital rates for euphausiids in eastern Bering Sea: Implications for demographics. 1.0. UCAR/NCAR - Earth Observing Laboratory. Accessed 18 June 2024.

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