Biosphere-atmosphere Transfer Scheme (BATS) Version 1e as Coupled to the NCAR Community Climate Model

This report describes the physical processes, current numerical parameterizations, and some of the code structure of BATSle. BATSle, a piece of software, that runs as an offline version or coupled to CCM. It includes (i) assignment of land type and soil information to each model grid square, (ii) calculation of soil, snow or sea-ice surface temperature in response to net surface heating and depending on soil or snow heat capacity and thermal conductivity, (iii) calculation of soil moisture, evaporation, and surface and groundwater runoff, (iv) specification of vegetation cover in terms of fractional ground shading and relative areas of transpiring and nontranspiring plant surfaces for different types of land-use, (v) surface albedo in terms of soil moisture, vegetation cover, and snow cover, including the shading of snow by vegetation, (vi) plant water ,budget including foliage and stem water storage, intercepted precipitation, and transpiration as limited by stomatal resistance and soil dryness, (vii) surface drag coefficients as a function of bulk Richardson number and vegetation cover, and (viii) determination of foliage temperature in response to energy-balance requirements and consequent fluxes of heat and moisture from the foliage to canopy air.

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