Cloud Particle Measurement Symposium: Summaries and Abstracts

This report includes: Symposium Summaries: Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probes Summary /James E. Dye Optical Array Probes Summary /William A. Cooper General Topics Summary/George A. Isaac; Symposium Agenda, References for material presented but not included in this Tech Note, Extended Abstracts - FSSP Session: Sizing of Cloud Droplets with an FSSP /Todd A. Cerni and William A. Cooper Alternate, Sensitive, Calibration and Checkout Techniques for Optical, Single Particle Size Spectrometers /Richard K. Jeck Electronic Bench Tests of Several FSSP's /Darrel Baumgardner Studies of the Depth of Field, Beam Uniformity and Sizing Uniformity and Accuracy /James E. Dye ASSP Calibrations and Data Reduction Techniques /Roderick Brown Comparison of the FSSP and Clague Droplet Gun /S.C. Mossop Comparison of the FSSP and CSIRO Liquid Water Probe /Warren D. King Comparisons of the ASSP and Cloud Gun /Marcia K. Politovich Resume of Some Investigations Concerning Microphysical Probes FSSP, JW, and ASSP /J.P. Pinty and D. Rousett In-cloud Intercomparisons During CCOPE /Daniel W. Breed Comparison of PMS Scattering Probes /D.M. Takeuchi Comparison of Several FSSPs Using a Spray Device /James E. Dye A Description of FSSP Auxiliary Variables and Their Use /Darrel Baumgardner A Computer Simulation of the Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probe /Darrel Baumgardner Intercomparison of PMS Size Spectrometers /Douglas R. Jensen Detection of Submicron Haze Particles with the Forward Scattering Spectrometer Probe /Edward Hindman - Extended Abstracts - Optical Array Probe Sessions: Calibration and Comparison of OAPs Using Oil Coated Slides /Marcia K. Politovich Measurement Problems in the Overlap Region Between the Scattering Probes and the ID Cloud Probe /Robert S. Anderson Observations of Ice Crystals Using 2-D Probes and Holography /Martin Ouldridge An Automatic Method of Pattern Recognition for 2D Images Based on Radial and Harmonic Analysis of Image Outline /M.C. Duroure 2-D Real Time Image Processor /Phillip G. Stickel ��� Extended Abstracts - Liquid Water Content Session: Comparison of JW Liquid Water Measurements from Two Aircraft /Todd A. Cerni Ground Tests of Several J-Ws Used in CCOPE /James E. Dye Comparison of Liquid Water Content Measurements Obtained From a Johnson-Williams Liquid Water Content Probe and a PMS Axial Scattering Spectrometer Probe /Morton Glass 92 Comparisons of the CSIRO Probe with ASSP, FSSP, JW Probe, and Cloud Gun from Aircraft and Wind Tunnel Measurements /Darrel Baumgardner New Bibliography of Data Techniques and Practical Problems with Airborne Probes /Richard K. Jeck

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