Current status and future challenges of weather radar polarimetry: Bridging the gap between radar meteorology/hydrology/engineering and Numerical Weather Prediction

After decades of research and development, the WSR-88D (NEXRAD) network in the United States was upgraded with dual-polarization capability, providing polarimetric radar data (PRD) that have the potential to improve weather observations, quantification, forecasting, and warnings. The weather radar networks in China and other countries are also being upgraded with dual-polarization capability. Now, with radar polarimetry technology having matured, and PRD available both nationally and globally, it is important to understand the current status and future challenges and opportunities. The potential impact of PRD has been limited by their oftentimes subjective and empirical use. More importantly, the community has not begun to regularly derive from PRD the state parameters, such as water mixing ratios and number concentrations, used in numerical weather prediction (NWP) models.

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Author Zhang, Guifu
Mahale, Vivek N.
Putnam, Bryan J.
Qi, Youcun
Cao, Qing
Byrd, Andrew D.
Bukovcic, Petar
Zrnic, Dusan S.
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Vivekanandan, Jothiram
Al-Rashid, Yasser
Ice, Richard L.
Berkowitz, Daniel S.
Tong, Chong-chi
Fulton, Caleb
Doviak, Richard J.
Publisher UCAR/NCAR - Library
Publication Date 2019-06-01T00:00:00
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Suggested Citation Zhang, Guifu, Mahale, Vivek N., Putnam, Bryan J., Qi, Youcun, Cao, Qing, Byrd, Andrew D., Bukovcic, Petar, Zrnic, Dusan S., Gao, Jidong, Xue, Ming, Jung, Youngsun, Reeves, Heather D., Heinselman, Pamela L., Ryzhkov, Alexander, Palmer, Robert D., Zhang, Pengfei, Weber, Mark, Mcfarquhar, Greg M., Moore, Berrien, Zhang, Yan, Zhang, Jian, Vivekanandan, Jothiram, Al-Rashid, Yasser, Ice, Richard L., Berkowitz, Daniel S., Tong, Chong-chi, Fulton, Caleb, Doviak, Richard J.. (2019). Current status and future challenges of weather radar polarimetry: Bridging the gap between radar meteorology/hydrology/engineering and Numerical Weather Prediction. UCAR/NCAR - Library. Accessed 20 June 2024.

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