Exceptional multi-year prediction skill of the Kuroshio Extension in the high-resolution CESM decadal prediction system

The Kuroshio Extension (KE) has far-reaching influences on climate as well as on local marine ecosystems. Thus, skillful multi-year to decadal prediction of the KE state and understanding sources of skill are valuable. Retrospective forecasts using the high-resolution CESM show exceptional skill in predicting KE variability up to lead year 4, substantially higher than the skill found in a similarly configured low-resolution CESM. The higher skill is attained because the high-resolution system can more realistically simulate the westward Rossby wave propagation of initialized ocean anomalies in the central North Pacific and their expression within the sharp KE front, and does not suffer from spurious variability near Japan present in the low-resolution CESM that interferes with the incoming wave propagation. These results argue for the use of high-resolution models for future studies that aim to predict changes in western boundary current systems and associated biological fields.

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  • Who Kim
    UCAR/NCAR - Climate and Global Dynamics Laboratory

Temporal Range

  • Begin:  1983
    End:  2017


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Temporal Range Begin 1983
Temporal Range End 2017
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Bounding Box North Lat 55.0
Bounding Box South Lat 20.0
Bounding Box West Long 130.0
Bounding Box East Long -120.0
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Author Who Kim
Stephen Yeager
Gokhan Danabsoglu
Ping Chang
Publisher UCAR/NCAR - GDEX
Publication Date 2023-07-28
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Suggested Citation Who Kim, Stephen Yeager, Gokhan Danabsoglu, Ping Chang. (2023). Exceptional multi-year prediction skill of the Kuroshio Extension in the high-resolution CESM decadal prediction system. UCAR/NCAR - GDEX. https://doi.org/10.5065/pf1q-4c39. Accessed 05 December 2023.

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