Fellowship Program in Scientific Computing: Internship Program for Minority Students: [Workshop Conducted by the Staff of The] Computing Facility, Summer 1976

The papers contained in the 1976 Technical Note NCAR/TN-119+PROC represent the research and programming carried out / 12 students in the Computing Facility summer programs during the summer of 1976. The papers were written / the students, and reviewed / the scientific and programming staff who worked with them. A wide variety of topics are included, since the students were assigned to many different projects according to their interests and their academic background. Many staff members participated-- scientists, programmers and technical staff--supervising students, consulting, giving lectures and courses for the students. Contents: CLIMAT: A Simple Zonally Averaged Energy Balance Climate Model /Jon Ahlquist & Stephen Schneider, Scientist Experimentation with Meridional Heat TransportFormulations in the Schneider and Gal-Chen Energy Balance Climate Model / Eric J. Barron & Tzvi Gal-Chen, Scientist Preliminary Investigation of a Tropical Squall Mesosystem as Observed by Aircraft During Gate/ Kerry Emanuel & Ed Zipser, Scientist Numerical Simulation of Photochemical Processes in the Troposphere / Lynn M. Hubbard & C. S. Kiang, Scientist Testing NSSL Routines KURV and RTNI at the Demonstration Driver Level / Karen Kendrick & Dick Valent, Scientist The NCAR Scientific Subroutine Library and Computer Solutions to Linear Systems / Arleen Kimble & Fred Clare, Scientist On the Balance Assumption of Zonally Averaged Dynamical Model for the Annulus / Huei-Iin Lu & Akira Kasahara, Scientist Investigation of Algorithms for the Solution of the Nonseparable Helmholtz Equation / Curtis D. Mobley & Roland Sweet, Scientist A Test Field Model Study of a Passive Scalarin Isotropic Turbulence / Gary R. & Newman & Jack Herring, Scientist Processing, Display, and the Use of the Results of a Numerical Model /Joelee Normand & Grant Branstator, Scientist An Adapted One-Layer Model of the Convectively Mixed Planetary Boundary Layer /James Thrasher & Jim Deardorff, Scientist Testing NSSL Routines ADQUAD and SIMPSN /Campanella Tones & Jo Walsh, Scientist

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