MetPy is a collection of tools in Python for reading, visualizing, and performing calculations with weather data.

The space MetPy aims for is GEMPAK (and maybe NCL)-like functionality, in a way that plugs easily into the existing scientific Python ecosystem (numpy, scipy, matplotlib). So, if you take the average GEMPAK script for a weather map, you need to:

  • read data
  • calculate a derived field
  • show on a map/skew-T

One of the benefits hoped to achieve over GEMPAK is to make it easier to use these routines for any meteorological Python application; this means making it easy to pull out the LCL calculation and just use that, or re-use the Skew-T with your own data code. MetPy also prides itself on being well-documented and well-tested, so that on-going maintenance is easily manageable.

The intended audience is that of GEMPAK: researchers, educators, and any one wanting to script up weather analysis. It doesn't even have to be scripting; all python meteorology tools are hoped to be able to benefit from MetPy. Conversely, it's hoped to be the meteorological equivalent of the audience of scipy/scikit-learn/skimage.

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