Pulse Compression for Phased Array Weather Radars

This Technical Report is a reprint of the Final Report from NCAR's Atmospheric Technology Division on work performed from 1991 through 1995 for the FAA Terminal Area Surveillance Systems Program. It details the application of pulse compression waveforms to weather radar, the importance of range time sidelobes, special considerations for FM waveforms, simulations of fluctuating weather targets, and a validation study using the NCAR ELDORA testbed radar. The report was originally written in 1995, but not published until now. A few relevant references have been added when they amplify the work originally performed. This report emphasizes waveform design issues of this advanced radar architecture and a few of the feasible phased array configurations previously discussed by Keeler and Frush (1983b), Holloway and Keeler (1993), and Keeler (1994).

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