Surface seawater concentration of acetone: monthly climatology

Acetone is one of the most abundant oxygenated volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the atmosphere. The oceans impose a strong control on atmospheric acetone, yet the oceanic fluxes of acetone remain poorly constrained. The air-sea exchange of acetone is largely controlled by the surface seawater concentration of acetone. This dataset consists of the surface seawater concentration of acetone, predicted by an observationally trained machine-learning algorithm (random forest). The observationally trained machine-learning algorithm is discussed in Wang et al. (2019). The training dataset includes ship-borne observations from a number of previous studies: Yang et al. (2014a); Yang et al. (2014b); Dixon et al. (2014); Beale et al. (2013); Kameyama et al. (2010); Hudson et al. (2007); Marandino et al. (2005); Marandino et al. (Knorr06). This dataset is in 0.91.25 (degreedegree) horizontal resolution (finite volume), and can be used to calculate the bi-directional air-sea exchange of acetone.

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Bounding Box North Lat 90.0
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Bounding Box East Long 180.0
Spatial Representation N/A
Spatial Resolution 0.9 degreesLatitude
1.25 degreesLongitude
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Author Wang, Siyuan
Emmons, Louisa
Marandino, Christa
De Bruyn, Warren
Saltzman, Eric
Tanimoto, Hiroshi
Yang, Ming-Xi
Kameyama, Sohiko
Omori, Yuko
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Suggested Citation Wang, Siyuan, Emmons, Louisa, Marandino, Christa, De Bruyn, Warren, Saltzman, Eric, Tanimoto, Hiroshi, Yang, Ming-Xi, Kameyama, Sohiko, Omori, Yuko. (2020). Surface seawater concentration of acetone: monthly climatology. UCAR/NCAR - GDEX. Accessed 21 September 2023.

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